A Vegan Clash With The Queen?

A Vegan Clash With The Queen?

New royal baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor may have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but his parents won’t use it to feed him animal-derived foods.

Yep, Prince Harry and Meghan Markel plan to raise their son a vegan. And the Queen is not happy.

According to a story published by Woman’s Day, “Meghan wants her baby to be raised a vegan,” reveals a palace insider. But, “the Queen won’t have it.”

I suspect that, if you’re like me, you have plenty of other things to warrant your attention than gossip about the British Royal Family. And whether a baby born into a family with a $500 million fortune will be raised vegan is, frankly, inconsequential.

But, with media coverage of the Royal’s every move, it’s hard to ignore. Which is why you should be concerned for baby Archie.

Oh, don’t worry about the baby’s health. I’m sure that with a stable of maids, nannies and chefs, baby Archie’s nutritional needs will be more than adequate on a vegan diet. Your concern should be for what message that sends to other young parents.

Reality is, it’s difficult to provide an infant adequate nutrition with a vegan diet. Not impossible, but difficult. And, it’s generally more expensive.

Look, if Harry and Meghan choose to live a vegan lifestyle, I’m fine with that. But they also have a responsibility – given their lofty perch at the peak of the socio-economic ladder – to set an example for their admirers.

We shouldn’t be skeptical about the influence of the Royal’s. Fox Business News reported there are a number of ways the birth of a royal baby impacts the economy over the short-term. John Quelch, dean of University of Miami Business School, said it can provide a bump for restaurants and bars around the U.K., as citizens hold parties – boosting confidence in the face of “Brexit malaise.”

“There’s nothing better than a royal baby arriving on a Friday because that is surely good for party business on Saturday and Sunday,” Quelch told FOX Business.

Brushing aside the economic boost, the danger a Royal vegan baby presents is that many young parents may be enticed to follow Harry and Meghan’s lead and raise their children as vegans. Some can afford the luxury, many can’t. And even if they can afford the vegan lifestyle, many won’t understand how to ensure adequate nutrition under such a lifestyle.

Maybe the Queen’s influence will cause the couple to reconsider. One report says Her Majesty, 92, has made her objections known, and, “It’s created tense discussions between Meghan and Harry, who doesn’t want to upset his grandmother,” Woman’s Day reported.

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I’m sure that with a stable of maids, nannies and chefs, baby Archie’s nutritional needs will be more than adequate on a vegan diet.

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