Careers in Agriculture Digital E-Book Available

Careers in Agriculture Digital E-Book Available

In order to fuel the talent pipeline, younger generations must be presented with a positive image of agriculture and a comprehensive view into the diversity of the industry in a format appropriate to their interests. Understanding the need for increased participation in the agricultural industry in order to feed and fuel a growing and hungry world, has created an e-book dedicated to inspiring young people to pursue careers in agriculture.

While all work is important and valuable regarding the continued pursuit of agricultural careers among younger generations, a more modern and interactive approach is necessary to reach and appeal to Generation Z and beyond. Creating a dynamic and interactive medium from which to view this important information is crucial to pique interest and persuade youth to pursue a career in agriculture.

An e-book is also a preferred medium to spread this message, because it can be widely distributed for a low cost to agricultural educators and advocates at the secondary and post-secondary levels.

The Careers in Agriculture digital e-book is designed as a guide for students and young people considering their career opportunities by presenting them with a current, in-depth, thorough, and real view of the agricultural industry. This digital e-book fulfills the following purposes:

  • Creating a discussion around why agricultural careers are relevant and needed
  • Examining the current state of world hunger and need for renewable resources
  • Understanding agriculture as a chief industry in the United States and around the world
  • Learning about prominent agricultural careers that are not normally top-of-mind from real individuals in these careers
  • Viewing the changed face of the agricultural industry and how it continues to progress
  • Exploring more than 250 possible careers in the agricultural industry (Career Profiles version only)
  • Gaining practical knowledge about steps to pursue and nurture an agricultural career
  • Visualizing the future of agriculture and how everyone has the capability and is invited to make this their career path

All pages are equipped with interactive links including videos, further reading, and more. When opened by the intended audience, this digital e-book has the capabilities to educate, entertain, and engage those who may not have considered agriculture previously.

Currently, the e-book is available tailored to the United States, but a Canadian edition of the e-book will be released in 2018.

The digital e-books can be accessed at the following links:

View the Careers in Agriculture E-Book

View the extended Careers in Agriculture E-Book complete with the Career Profiles

One version of the e-book features the Career Profiles, while the other one does not.

The Career Profiles, currently housed on the website, feature 255 unique agricultural career descriptions complete with typical responsibilities, job outlook, education requirements, typical employers, and current jobs available.

To view Career Profiles online, visit

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Fri, 12/15/2017 – 09:30


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