Cattle Corral Criminal in Florida During Police Chase

Cattle Corral Criminal in Florida During Police Chase

Cattle provide a lot of different products such as hamburgers, butter, footballs and insulin. Now bovines can add another talent to their resume: cops.

In a pasture near Sanford, Florida, a herd of cows and calves were instrumental in chasing down a suspected car jacker.

The Sanford Police Department were in pursuit of a stolen Subaru on August 5 when it crashed into a ditch while trying to turn a corner. The driver, Jennifer Anne Kaufman, took off into a nearby pasture while one passenger stayed in the SUV. Another passenger also tried evading the police but was quickly arrested when a police K9 caught them.

Assisting from the air in spotting Kaufman as she ran across the pasture at night was the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department helicopter alert team who were utilizing night vision. A video shared on Facebook by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department shows approximately 20 cows and calves chasing Kaufman back and forth across a pasture.

The pilot of the helicopter even says “actually a large group of cows is following her” and “looks like they may attack her.”

After a few passes through the pasture with the cattle chasing her, Kaufman eventually crawls through a fence and is soon arrested by the Sanford Police Department who were on the ground.

In the social media post the sheriff’s department thank the cow cops saying, “A herd of cattle provided law enforcement a big assist, repeatedly following and helping corral one who strayed on to their turf!”

Dogs and horses are often utilized by law enforcement. Now, it looks like they’ll have some fellow members of the animal kingdom joining the police force with this group of cattle in Florida.

Watch the video of the aspiring cattle cops below:

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A herd of cows and calves in Florida assisted police in their efforts to apprehend a car jacker.

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