Dairy Friendly Social Media Challenge: #10GallonChallenge

Dairy Friendly Social Media Challenge: #10GallonChallenge

As an effort to help “move some milk” off store shelves, Ty Higgins, a Wisconsin Farm Broadcaster, developed the ‘10 Gallon Challenge’ not only to help struggling dairy farmers, but to also provide food for local families in need.

“Dairy farmers right now are in the worst position they’ve been in in years,” Higgins told We Are Green Bay, “and so I thought, ‘how can I help them?'”

Coming up with the 10 Gallon Challenge, Higgins created a Facebook video that has since been viewed 63,000 times since its debut on Aug. 1. The video encourages consumers to purchase 10 gallons of milk to donate to their local food pantry.


“I think everybody would like to be able to serve milk in their pantries,” said Monica Clare, Executive Director for St. Joseph’s Food Program. “We serve about 600 or 700 clients on a weekly basis, and they all can use milk.”

Dairy farmers are also jumping on board with this trend, hoping to help drive up the milk price while also making a difference in their community.

“There’s a lot of milk out there, and it drives the price down, so I don’t think there’s a dairy farmer anywhere around that’s making a lot of money right now,” said Mark Petersen, a local dairy farmer, in an interview with We Are Green Bay. “We have to get rid of some of this milk that’s on the market.”

Doing just that, the social media challenge is growing in popularity. Consumers are sharing their donation stories on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #10GallonChallenge.

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New social media challenge helps dairy farmers and feeds needy families.

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