Dairy Report: Mixed Milk Prices; Lost Valley Sold for $66.7 Million

Dairy Report: Mixed Milk Prices; Lost Valley Sold for $66.7 Million

Milk prices look to be mixed with Class IV on the rise and Class III on the decline, while a troubled dairy in Oregon has finally sold. For more on these stories watch the AgDay video above or read the following news brief links.

February Class Prices Move in Both Directions

Milk prices for February were announced by USDA and it appears to be a mixed bag. Depending on the class of milk it either saw a slight decrease or a steady increase.

Oregon ‘Mega-Dairy’ Sold for $66.7 Million, Auctions off 8,000 Cows

The second largest dairy in Oregon has sold for $66.7 million and it could take a significant amount of money to get the dairy back into compliance for water and manure regulations in the state.

For more on the Lost Valley saga read the following stories:

Oregon ‘Mega-Dairy’ Loses Waste Management Permit
Owner of Oregon ‘Mega Dairy’ Fights Waste Management Battle
Oregon ‘Mega-Dairy’ Continues to Operate After Court Case
Judge Hands Oregon ‘Mega-Dairy’ Over to Federal Government
Oregon ‘Mega-Dairy’ Faces 224 Violations and $187K in Fines
Oregon ‘Mega-Dairy’ Up for Auction, First Bid Set at $66.0 Million
Pending Oregon Legislation Would Make State Dairy Regs Toughest in the Country

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