#DairyDanceOff Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

#DairyDanceOff Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Despite low milk prices and the decline of dairy farms across the country, dairy farmers are still finding a way to “Shake It Off.” 

One year ago, dairy farmers Katie Dotterer-Pyle and Jessica Peters, decided to dance away their blues by starting the #DairyDanceOff challenge, a popular social media craze that allowed farmers to show off their moves and love for dairy.

Dotterer-Pyle, from Cow Comfort Inn Dairy in Union Bridge, Maryland and Peters, from Spruce Row Farm in Meadville, Pennsylvania, danced in their parlors and lip synced to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” as seen in the video below.

Last week, a friend of mine Katie Dotterer-Pyle of Cow Comfort Inn Dairy, posted a video of her version of stress relief. Cole and I immediately responded with our own dance video and an idea was born. Watch the video to accept our #DairyDanceOff challenge then share it! Help us show the world that even though we’re going through a rough patch, you can’t keep a good farmer down. ? My name is Jess and I love dairy farming because it’s important. Plus, I get to spend every day working with my family (people and cows), producing a nutritious, delicious, SAFE food that helps feed the world. Are you up to our challenge? #DairyDanceOff #aKDPJMoneyCollaboration #epicdanceparties #seejessfarm

Posted by Spruce Row Farm on Sunday, March 25, 2018


In the middle of the dairy dance, the two encourage other farmers and industry professionals to participate in the fun by sharing their moves online. Take a look at some of the fun videos we found!





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Exactly one year ago. ? This is how the Dairy Dance Off phenomenon started. ? @seejessfarm saw this, and not to ever be outdone, challenged me to a danceoff, and I’m so glad she did. ❤ The endless videos we saw of farmers dancing ? and smiling were totally worth this 20 second impromptu dance in the calf barn. ? #StillDancing #dance #DairyDanceOff #havana @camila_cabello

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First off I’m sorry you have to witness this, but I can’t turn down a challenge even if I am a very white, tall, and uncoordinated farm boy from Texas. . So here’s my way of shaking it off for the #DairyDanceOff. A special thanks to my boys @turnpiketroubadours for taking me down to Bossier City to make all this possible for your entertainment. • • #Dairy #DairyFarm #DairyLife #DairyGood #Dairy365 #Cows #MilkCows #DairyCows #Holsteins #Dancing #Farmboy #Farmer #Texas #TexasAg #TexasDairy

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Oh you thought we were done? #dairydanceoff this is just the beginning ?‍♀️ @kelsoshea (p.s. peep those pretty ladies in the back ?❤️). . . . . #dairyfan #farm365 #dairy #milk #calves #heifers #familyfarm #farmlife #farmlove #newyork #carhartt #underarmour #calftel #uddertech #gooutside #optoutside #babyanimals #cowsofinstagram #countrylife #countryliving #dancer #dancelife #sitespecific (lol) #hustle #disco

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Our dairy industry is facing some tough times right now, but a good #dairydanceoff certainly helps lighten the mood! Rodney Atkins said it best when he sang ?There aint no better life for me? I absolutely love this life we live even during the hard times. I love raising our girls on the dairy. I love that my husband comes in from the dairy for lunch with us everyday. I love the sense of family and the work ethic farm life creates. I love the care we take of our cows and our land. We made our Dairy Dance Off a family affair even Duchess wanted to get in on the dancing. Thank you @ashlylarson96 for the nomination. Sorry it took me a few days (or more) to get it posted. I would like to nominate @hillary_vh @theidahodairydiva and @bree.bone ? Also, swipe right ➡️ for a bonus video that Gwenevere wanted to share you all. And check out my instastories for the bloopers!

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Here’s our #dairydanceoff! We had tons of fun making it today and laughed a lot during it. We challenge @dailycrisis_farm @wiscowsingal @julieyarrington @kellyjune444 @marcherstewart @keyesmegan to show us their mooooves ???

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Sometimes you need to take a break from sweeping and chores to do some mad air shredding ????. @kissonline . . I don’t think I can fully take credit for those moves #likeherdad. . #choretime #futurefarmHER #ontariodairy #firstgenerationfarmers #agmorethanever

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