December through February Outlook 'Heavily Influenced' by La Nina

December through February Outlook ‘Heavily Influenced’ by La Nina

The National Weather Service’s (NWS) forecast for December through February signals a typical La Nina winter is ahead. The forecast calls for below-normal temps across the Pacific Northwest into the Northern Plains, while above-normal temps are expected across the South. Additionally, above-normal precip is expected across the northern tier of states, including eastern Iowa into the eastern Corn Belt, while below-normal precip is expected across the South.

The NWS’s Climate Prediction Center (CPC) says the December through February outlook is “heavily influenced by ongoing La Nina conditions that are forecast to continue through late winter.” It says the highest probability of above-normal temps is in the Southwest and Texas, while above-normal precip for the northern tier of states and below-normal precip for the southern tier of states is consistent with La Nina. “This footprint slowly decreases entering the core spring months before long-term trends become dominate during the warm season,” it states.

JoAnn Alumbaugh
Thu, 11/16/2017 – 22:45


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