Drovers Poll: What's the Most Popular Rubber Boot Brand for Farmers?

Drovers Poll: What’s the Most Popular Rubber Boot Brand for Farmers?

While the vast majority of respondents in Drover’s latest poll are wearing Muck Boots on their farm or ranch, several reader opinions were submitted in the comment section offering critique and highlighting new options.

In the poll, 60% of 596 respondents said they wear boots from The Muck Boot Company. Another 12% said LaCrosse and 9% said Bogs. 

The Muck Boot Company, uses a self-insulating, waterproof neoprene shell with a natural rubber overlay for a protective skin for the upper boot. The company has a 30-day return guarantee and all boots are backed by a 12-month warranty. They are also found in a variety of farm supply retailers.

Farmers had plenty to say in the comments section.

Tom in Minnesota said, “Nothing [is] close to the Muck Artic. Expensive? Maybe but I have never had cold or wet feet. And wore the same pair for 3 years.”

Pat in western Oregon said, “Muck boots not only wear well but out last other brands I have tried.”

Bev Roe said Muck Boots has better footbed support than many other options, but the upper mesh material gets torn too easily.

New Options Emerge

Several commenters added names of new boot manufactures that farmers are using.

Have you heard of Dryshod, Kenetrek, North Face, Skellerup or Tingley? Farmers say these options can pass the grade on the farm. And it’s worth noting that some ranchers prefer leather boots with waterproof coatings, such as Markus Campbell, who wears Red Wing Irish Setter UltraDry boots.

And with the current weather patterns, farmers are needing these gum boot options now.

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