Editor's Choice 2019

Editor’s Choice 2019

Each year, our editors write hundreds of stories that make their way to Agweb and assorted magazines. While all stories take work, there are always a few that stand out. Here are some of our editor’s favorite stories from 2019, and a little bit about what makes that story so special.

Sonja Begemann

My favorite story might come as a surprise to many–it’s about a subject to which some farmers oppose, organic farming. I was outside of my normal comfort zone when writing this and really got to learn about the practice, including the ‘why’ someone would want to transition to organic. It’s not something that everyone will want to do, but for those who can make it work it’s a worthwhile venture.

Transition to Organic Sustains Family Farm


Rhonda Brooks

Three busloads of farmers pulled onto Duane and Anthony Stateler’s farm one morning in August and spent the day touring the northwest Ohio family operation. Visitors are a common occurrence on the farm and welcome, says family patriarch, Duane.

“We’ve had more than 3,500 visitors over the last couple of years, including the former mayor of Toledo and her staff,” he notes. The Stateler’s help share the story of ag, it’s my favorite story from this year.

Water Management Keeps Nutrients In The Field, Boosts Yields
https://www.agweb.com/article/water-management-keeps-nutrients-field-boosts-yields Greg Henderson

Cattlemen were angry about falling prices after the Tyson fire which prompted to actively campaign for the President to take corrective action. The campaign was primarily on Twitter, which meant a lot of cowboys – especially older ones – had to figure out how to use Twitter to send their message to the President.

Check out my favorite story of 2019: Campaign asks Ranchers To @RealDonaldTrump


Margy Eckelkamp

We had Rantizo at the first-ever AgTech Expo when they were just getting started as part of the AgLaunch program. And then I had the opportunity to see them do a field demo in Memphis as part of the Rise of the Rest Tour. It’s been very informative to watch how their product has evolved as it comes to market. And they are a great team of innovators.

First Company Approved for Ag Spraying Via Drone in Iowa


Taylor Leach

Earning their sea legs, 32 cows have made agricultural history after boarding the world’s first floating dairy farm located in the Netherlands. Appropriately named Floating Farm, the three-tiered structure will feature a robotic milking system, a robotic feeding system and an air-tight manure storage facility. I enjoyed writing about it because I am fascinated by just how much technology has evolved over the years!

Cows Set Sail at World’s First Floating Dairy


Ashley Nickle

We always love to highlight good work going on in produce departments, so putting together our Produce Retailer of the Year article — plus photos and videos, of course — is invariably an awesome time. We visit stores with our winner, do a photoshoot and talk with the person’s colleagues and suppliers about what makes that individual a great leader for the produce category at their company.


2019 Produce Retailer of the Year — Jewel-Osco’s Scott Bennett


Jennifer Shike

I’ll admit this one gave me chills as I wrote it because of the honesty and transparency of the Epperson family and general manager Anthony Russo. This story doesn’t stop at the tragedy, but instead inspires hope at the good that can come out of a horrible situation.

The Night the Fire Took the Farm


Those were our favorites. What’s your favorite story from 2019? Or what story do you think still needs to be told? Let us know in the comments!

Sonja Begemann
Thu, 12/26/2019 – 08:00


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