Farm Kids Show Respect During Super Bowl National Anthem

Farm Kids Show Respect During Super Bowl National Anthem

While the majority of America’s population was gathered around a television Sunday night, less than 2% of the country, America’s farmers, were working to put food on the table during the Super Bowl.

Showcasing the lessons kids learn while farming alongside their family, Rob Klinkner of Liberty Pole, Wis., shared a heartwarming post of his sons pausing to show respect towards their country.

In the midst of their evening chores, Reagan and Garrison Klinkner removed their hats and stood silent while the national anthem played over the radio in their family’s tiestall barn. Once the final notes had been sung and the crowd began to roar, the two picked up where they left off and finished a hard night’s work.

“Maybe as adults, we could take some lessons from farm kids like these,” Rob wrote in his post.


Racking up more than 2,000 likes and 700 shares, the post has gone viral on Facebook and has received numerous positive comments from farmers, consumers and even military veterans.

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