Farmers and Ranchers Working Through Snow, Ice and Cold

Farmers and Ranchers Working Through Snow, Ice and Cold

Various areas of the U.S. have been dealing with adverse winter weather during the past week, but it hasn’t stopped farmers and ranchers from working.

While the polar vortex at the end of January captured many headlines for its drastic drop in temperature, recent weather hasn’t been much better as it has brought on snow and ice around the country.

The worst of the weather resulted in an estimated 2,000 dairy cattle being killed in Washington and beef producers rescuing snow covered calves. There could be more snow on the way for people in the Great Lakes, Northeast and in the Northwest according to AgDay meteorologist Cindi Clawson.

As of Feb. 13, the National Weather Service reports that 46.6% of the country is covered by snow with the average snow depth being 6.3 inches.

Here is a look at how farmers and ranchers have been dealing with the recent winter weather via some social media posts:

Desperate times! Discs on the chisel helped with the 2-3” of ice we have before another batch of snow comes through! #slippery #AgTwitter
— Ryan Sass (@RyanSass4) February 12, 2019





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‘Til the Cows Come Home || Well…we brought the cows home today…and they were VERY happy!! Dylan plowed a trail for me and the 3 Corgitos in the feed pickup and the cows followed along behind.

A post shared by Whitney Klasna (@dirtroaddreamer) on Feb 6, 2019 at 6:24pm PST

A 26 degree morning has the #cattle spread out this morning with no concerns about scooping snow or getting breakfast ready. Breakfast will be served at the same time like every other day. We take care of them and they take care of us! Learn the story #CattleTales #NewGreenDeal
— Joan Ruskamp (@JoanRuskamp) February 10, 2019

For my #agTwitter friends, which is worse: uncovering tires off a silo in the summer when it’s hot, wet, buggy and threat of snakes….or in winter when it’s frozen, wet, slick and sleeting?
— Ellie Musil (@elliemusil) February 11, 2019

Hey guys, just born yesterday and it’s 12 degrees, 30 mph wind, and 4” of fresh snow. I think I’ll just stay in here and take it easy for awhile ?#snowday #calving19 #CattleTales #dailycowpic #americanaberdeenangus
— Shawn Bosler (@deerecreekfarm) February 12, 2019





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Yesterday’s blizzard was devastating to many of our valley’s farmers. This blizzard was unlike anything I’ve ever seen and my heart breaks for the losses. That being said, I’m also so proud of our hard working farm community. Most of the dairy farmers were using every spare minute to keep their cows and employees safe (pulling all nighters for just about everyone) and all neighboring farmers jumped in to help clear roads and help stranded people. . Digging paths for employees and milk trucks, putting up employees in our homes, keeping the cows fed and milked and as warm as possible in zero visibility weather.. I don’t know how they did it all, but they did! Praying for those who suffered so much loss and thankful for our farm community! Huge shoutout to my hubby who I am so proud of! Lots of ingenuity and smart decisions and leading went on yesterday including staying up all night to help the night crew, making wind blocks out of bales and making a makeshift calving area in our warm barn so no vulnerable new mamas and babies had to suffer the cold! 16 happy, healthy babies born! ???. . This morning we had nearly everyone show up to work and help (even those with days off) and we couldn’t be more thankful for OUR farm family! . . #washingtonstate #waagriculture #pnwwinter #blizzard #dairylife #dairyfarm #thankafarmer #farmcommunity #holsteinlove #farmlife #snowstorm #lovemyfarmer

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I was hoping that we avoided the sub-zero temps this winter… but we’re having our turn now. -17 this morning makes for foggy shed.
— Doug Kamerman (@MTdairylife) February 10, 2019

Caring for cattle in winter. Good deep bedding, plenty of feed and a windbreak. #cattletales #ranchwomen #sustainablefarming
— Rachel Gray (@Ltimbercattle) February 9, 2019





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It got to single digits last night so we soaked up every minute of sunshine while it was out. Now it’s back to more snow ❄ . . . #beef #redangus #heifers #angus #ranchesofinstagram #ranchlife #winter #knowwhereyourfoodcomesfrom #knowyourrancher #ranchlife #winterstormmaya #cows #cattle #easternoregon #familyowned #cow

A post shared by Borelli Ranch (@borelliranchcattle) on Feb 10, 2019 at 2:07pm PST

It’s a delicate balance of mother nature for Washington’s farmers and ranchers this week. Our state’s beef ranchers and dairy farmers are working around the clock to provide for the health and welfare of their animals in this hard winter weather. #wabeeflove #snowpocalypse2019
— WA Beef Checkoff (@WABeef) February 12, 2019

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