Hilarious Facebook Video Exposes Nut Milking; Opens Labeling Dialogue

Hilarious Facebook Video Exposes Nut Milking; Opens Labeling Dialogue

“Milking a 600 kg Holstein, now that’s easy. Milking a 1 gram almond, that’s hard.” That statement might raise some eyebrows for dairy farmers, but if they watch a parody video put out by Know Ideas Media they’re certain to get a laugh.

The video made its debut on Aug. 3 by the Facebook page seeking “to bring pragmatism back to topics that are too far divided to allow for mutual understanding. GMO and Organic for example, are not mutually exclusive.”

In the video a “third generation nut milker” tends to his herd of almonds nut that he milks. Little known fact female almonds produce milk, while the male almonds are the ones you might find in trail mix.

According to the tongue in cheek video almonds have tiny little udders so they are difficult to milk.

“There’s so much confusion with city folks these days. They’re talking about ‘Nuts don’t lactate. Nuts don’t have nipple.’ I’ll show you a nut nipple,” says the nut milker.

The video goes on to poke fun at almond milk showing how the nuts are milked and what it takes to get nut milk to the grocery store. 

At the end of the three minute comedy video it ends by talking about the debate on what to label nut based beverages.

“There is a debate in the dairy industry: If nuts don’t lactate why is their juice called milk?” the video asks.

“Definition matter in the world of food. What defines milk for you?” the video ends.

Viewers are asked to continue the conversation below in the comments.

In roughly 24 hour the video shared by the Facebook page Know Ideas Media has been viewed more than 200,000 times, shared at least 5,600 times and commented on by nearly 800 people. The video is also available on YouTube has has been watched more than 16,000 times, thus far.

The video comes out at a time when the debate about properly labeling plant-based beverages like almond and soy milk is being had at the federal level of government. The Food and Drug Administration has said it will look into enforcing milk labeling through the 1938 Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

This past year states like Missouri and North Carolina have taken steps to address labeling of plant-based products that market themselves as meat or dairy. France has even enacted legislation that limits labeling of dairy and meat products to foods or beverages originating from animals.

Another comedy video came out earlier in the year helping dispel misleading labeling like non-GMO and natural products. That video was sponsored by the National Milk Producers Federation through the Peel Back the Label campaign and ran on the popular comedy site Funny or Die.

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A viral comedy video exposes “nut milking” and seeks to start a conversation with consumers about labeling plant-based beverages that are often called “milk.”

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