Manure Ventilation Tips That Can Save Your Life

Manure Ventilation Tips That Can Save Your Life

The greatest manure-related hazard exists almost immediately after vigorous agitation of manure begins due to manure-related gases, but the danger may continue even when there is full ventilation. Follow these guidelines to help avoid unnecessary risks.

• Prior to agitation or pumping, turn off electrical power to any non-ventilation equipment and extinguish any pilot lights or other ignition sources in the building.

• Don’t begin agitating stored manure until a sufficient amount of time has passed prior to starting agitation to ensure adequate air movement and exchange.

• For mechanically ventilated buildings, provide the maximum mechanical ventilation possible – all fans in operation prior to beginning and throughout agitation of manure.

• For naturally ventilated buildings, agitate manure only with all side curtains and building openings fully open and when there is a brisk breeze.

• When pumping pits that are close to full, pump without agitation until manure is two feet below the bottom of the floor slats to allow pit fans to perform properly during agitation.

• When agitating manure, keep the jet of pressurized manure below the liquid surface. Do not allow it to strike walls or columns in the pit. Stop agitating when the manure level does not allow agitation below the surface.

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