Michigan Burglar Holds Homeowner Hostage for Glass of Milk

Michigan Burglar Holds Homeowner Hostage for Glass of Milk

When a resident of Ovid, Michigan, called the police to report suspicious activity around his home early Labor Day morning, he did not expect his milk carton to be the only item robbed.

While on the phone with Michigan State Police, the homeowner was approached by a man outside his patio door. Breaking the glass door and entering the home, the criminal suspect assaulted the resident, later holding him at knifepoint, according to abc57News.

Holding the resident hostage, the criminal suspect proceeded into the kitchen, robbing the man’s refrigerator by stealing a glass of milk.

When officers arrived on the scene, the suspect fled the home, leaving only an empty glass and a startled homeowner. Making his way through wooded areas and swamp land, the suspect was eventually tracked down by K9 units and taken into custody.

Later learning the suspect attempted to steal the resident’s vehicle from the home prior to the invasion, police charged the suspect with home invasion, felonious assault, malicious destruction to a building, and attempted auto theft. Dairy theft can also be added to this list.

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Holding a homeowner at knifepoint, a Michigan home invader steals only a glass of milk before fleeing from K9 units.

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