Move Over Hot Chocolate, Cheese Coffee is Here

Move Over Hot Chocolate, Cheese Coffee is Here

Looking for a way to warm up after a chilly morning on the farm? Some might think a rich cup of hot chocolate would do the trick, but for the adventurous farmers, cheese coffee might be something worth trying!

A northern Scandinavian tradition,kaffeostis a drink in which cubes of cheese are released into a cup of coffee, according to The Cut. Said to have a similar texture to the marshmallows that traditionally top hot chocolate, the cheese floats to the top, absorbs the coffee and develops a “squeaky” texture.

Popular in Sweden, a country with one of the highest rates of coffee consumption in the world, the beverage is customarily made with reindeer milk. A sturdy variety of cheese made from cows’ milk, such as bread cheese, can be used as a substitute, however.

While cheese coffee has grown in popularity across the U.S., it is not to be confused with its trendy cousin, butter coffee.Butter coffee, sometimes referred to as bulletproof coffee, uses one tablespoon of butter added to one cup of black coffee, along with one tablespoon of oil.

Said to help slow the spike in energy levels associated with normal coffee-drinking, and to make drinkers feel full for as long as six hours, butter coffee has become popular with consumers trying out the Keto Diet.

If cheese coffee or butter coffee isn’t for you, maybe a cup of “Moon Milk”will help you stay warm this winter.

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