"Old Town Road" Parodied by Peterson Farm Bros. in Ode to Grazing

“Old Town Road” Parodied by Peterson Farm Bros. in Ode to Grazing

The hit country rap song “Old Town Road” that has been tearing up the Billboard Hot 100 just got the Peterson Farm Bros. treatment in a parody that focuses on grazing cattle.

The three brothers from Kansas who are known for their YouTube video parodies like “I’m Farming and I Grow It” and “Farmer Style” just shared their latest song “Pasture Road” on April 17. The newest song helps inform consumers about grazing cattle on pasture with lines like:

“Yeah, I’m gonna take my cows down the pasture road. They gonna graze till they can’t no more.”

The brothers can be seen on horseback and doing chores while taking care of their cattle during the music video.

Much like the remix of the original “Old Town Road” by rapper Lil Nas X that features a verse by country superstar Billy Ray Cyrus, the Peterson Farm Bros. get some help from agriculture radio personality Trent Loos.

When Loos takes the reins of the song in his verse he shares some facts about cattle’s contribution to sustainability:

“Managed well, cattle keep the land swell. Turning poor soil to protein that we can sell.”

At the end of the video the brothers’ point viewers to some resources to learn more about how grazing cattle benefits the environment.

A video of the Peterson Farm Bros. and Loos singing “Pasture Road” can be watched by clicking the following link:

“Pasture Road”

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The Peterson Farm Bros. have debuted their latest parody called “Pasture Road,” which is a new spin on the Billboard Top 100 hit “Old Town Road.”

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