Overhe(a)rd: ASF 101, Protect the Farm from Activists and Bacon Trucks

Overhe(a)rd: ASF 101, Protect the Farm from Activists and Bacon Trucks

We’re all ears this week as Jennifer Shike, editor for Farm Journal’s PORK, joins us for the Have You He(a)rd? News Update to separate facts and fiction about African swine fever (AFS.) Millennial meat eater Amelia shares her feelings about meat and dairy. And security experts Jim Rovers and Sophie Cranley explore how farms can safeguard their facilities from activists. Here’s a quick breakdown: 

Have you he(a)rd: The latest news in livestock

Shike is pretty sure we all have a neighbor or friend who doesn’t know a lot about ASF. In the latest episode of Overhe(a)rd, she breaks down the disease and the measures the U.S. and its pork industry are taking to protect our herds and our food supply. An important note: There are no ASF-infected pigs in the U.S. 

“We have a really great team of experts and leaders in the pork industry and in the government working hard to keep this deadly disease out of our country,” she says. 

Shike answers consumers’ most pressing pork questions in the podcast below. 

Meat the millennial 

Millennial meat and dairy eater Amelia dishes on her food influences and favorite foods, including Five Guys and cherry goat cheese ice cream. Host Portia Stewart shares her family’s bacon truck tradition—what it is and how her kids go hog wild for it—below. 

The main dish

AFIMAC Global security experts Jim Rovers and Sophie Cranley work with businesses in all parts of the food supply chain, from farms and processing plants to restaurants and grocery stores, to help mitigate their business risks. Rovers, an attorney who grew up on his father’s farm, says his team has built a toolbox of techniques to help farmers respond when activists show up at the farm. 

In part one of a two-part interview, Rovers and Cranley discuss what to do when activists appear, including how to respond and how not to respond (hint: don’t spray them with manure—really. Listen to Rovers explain why that’s not such a good idea.) They also cover how to document trespassing, how to communicate with activists, how to collect evidence and more. 

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