Overhe(a)rd: Fair Oaks Farms, Meat the Millennial and Shrinking Farms

Overhe(a)rd: Fair Oaks Farms, Meat the Millennial and Shrinking Farms

Listen up, folks! For your listening pleasure, we’re excited to introduce episode 1 of Overhe(a)rd, the Farm Journal Livestock podcast that connects the hearts and minds of producers and consumers to preserve our sustainable resources and provide high-quality food. Here’s a quick summary of what you’ll hear:

Have you he(a)rd: The latest news in livestock

Farm Journal dairy editorial director Mike Opperman gives a quick summary of the undercover filming that occurred on Fair Oaks Farms.

“You know, unfortunately, if somebody wants to capture undercover video of your dairy, and that someone is really dedicated and passionate about doing that, they’re probably going to find a way,” he says. Want to hear his recommendations? Listen below.

Meat the millennial

We love to talk to millennial consumers to glean their thoughts on food: what they eat, why they eat it, where they shop and how they make purchasing decisions. In this episode millennial meat eater Brooke shares her feelings about meat and dairy—her favorites, guilty pleasures and more.

“I couldn’t live my life without meat,” Brooke says. Listen to her tips to cook steak below.

The main dish

Every episode we interview a thought leader connected to agriculture and conservation. This week John Piotti of American Farmland Trust discusses ranchers’, farmers’ and consumers’ roles in preserving our vanishing farmland.

“American Farm Land Trust has been used in the tagline ‘no farms, no food’ for a long time now, I think well over 20 years, and it resonates with a lot of people,” Piotti says. “But we do think that part of thinking about the future of agriculture is recognizing that as essential as fundamental as it is for us to have farmland to grow our food, we really need to get members of the public in particular aware of the fact that farms and ranches do so much more for us—whether it’s vibrant rural communities or outdoor recreation or wildlife habitat, or perhaps most importantly, plants and soil that naturally purify our water and air, and agricultural processes that capture carbon and can help combat climate change. These are things that we need the public to understand our benefits that our farms and ranches can provide.”

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