PETA Gets Blasted for Defaming "The Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin

PETA Gets Blasted for Defaming “The Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin

Animal rights activists group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), has come under fire across the internet after bashing the late animal conservationist Steve Irwin.

During a reply on Twitter regarding a Google Doodle cartoon that was celebrating the life of “The Crocodile Hunter,” PETA decided to take the opportunity to rile up some controversy:

#SteveIrwin was killed while harassing a ray; he dangled his baby while feeding a crocodile & wrestled wild animals who were minding their own business. Today’s #GoogleDoodle sends a dangerous, fawning message. Wild animals are entitled to be left alone in their natural habitats.
— PETA (@peta) February 22, 2019

The animal rights group doubled down with some follow up tweets regarding Irwin, a famous TV personality from Australia who was tragically killed by a string ray while filming a documentary in 2006:

Steve Irwin’s actions were not on target with his supposed message of protecting wildlife. A real wildlife expert & someone who respects animals for the individuals they are leaves them to their own business in their natural homes.
— PETA (@peta) February 23, 2019

It is harassment to drag exotic animals, including babies taken from their mothers, around from TV talk shows to conferences & force them to perform as Steve Irwin did. Animals deserve to live as they want to, not as humans demand––the #GoogleDoodle should represent that.
— PETA (@peta) February 23, 2019

It wasn’t long before social media users came to the defense of Irwin, following what should have been a remembrance the conservationist on his birthday, and called out PETA’s hypocrisy. Many tweets pointed out how PETA doesn’t save many animals with the money it gets through donations:

remember when you guys killed over 70% of the animals you rescue when they show any violent tendencies yet steve irwin literally let animals bite him and forgave them for it. don’t ever disrespect steve he did more for animals than your entire organization did or will do ever
— Jack (@Jackaboy72) February 24, 2019

That’s a nice glass house you’re throwing stones at a dead wildlife conservationist in
— Ghastly (◕,,,◕) (@Ghastly) February 24, 2019

I’m an Australian wildlife rescue volunteer. #SteveIrwin and his family gave an awful lot of quiet, unpublicised support to organisations like mine. He was a serious conservationist & did the hard & unglamourous work required. PETA are attention-seeking posers by comparison
— Greg (@humbleminion) February 23, 2019

How many animals did Steve Irwin kill?
— K_lol (@sidney62422802) February 24, 2019

PETA dont like it when you bring up their kill rates in their shelters #PETA #SteveIrwin
— Chris Williams (@ChrisWil78) February 23, 2019

Others posts were funny in a MEME fashion:

Steve Irwin your a legend ?#PETA #SteveIrwin
— Sebastian (@dreamxchaserz) February 24, 2019
— Rochelle Ragusi (@RagusiRochelle) February 25, 2019
— Chmarr walcott (@chmarrwalcott) February 25, 2019
— Sketchy Kay (@Glasses2themax) February 23, 2019
— Spike007980 (@spike007980) February 24, 2019

Me getting ready to fight PETA after what they said about Steve Irwin
— The Strangle Squad (@_StrangleSquad) February 25, 2019

Actor Drake Bell even got in on the act of bashing PETA:

So your response here is this Human deserved what he got and is better off dead?! You are a disgusting organizationand and should be absolutely ashamed!! He was a FATHER and a HUSBAND and did WAY more for wild life conservation than the IDIOT INTERN hired to write this tweet!
— Drake Bell (@DrakeBell) February 24, 2019

Someone went onto Wikipedia and updated PETA’s page with some not so flattering information:

If you haven’t yet heard…
PETA should not have messed with Steve Irwin.
— Farm Babe (@thefarmbabe) February 24, 2019

The whole public relations debacle even pointed out that PETA uses an auto response message anytime someone uses the hashtag #donate during an interaction with the animal rights group:

Thanks for your support! Complete your donation now:
— PETA (@peta) February 24, 2019

Thanks for your support! Complete your donation now:
— PETA (@peta) February 24, 2019

Thanks for your support! Complete your donation now:
— PETA (@peta) February 23, 2019

Thanks for your support! Complete your donation now:
— PETA (@peta) February 23, 2019

If nothing else, the experience helped people better remember the work that Irwin did during his life to help animals:

Steve Irwin has done more to save animals than they ever could
— Jon Leach (@jonleach18) February 23, 2019

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PETA is under fire for their reaction on social media to a Google Doodle that was made to honor the late Steve Irwin, also known as “The Crocodile Hunter.”

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