PETA Wants Aretha’s Furs

PETA Wants Aretha’s Furs

In case you had any doubts, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is not burdened by societal dignities. The animal rights group will cross any line and break any decorum in the effort to advance its cause.




Following the death of legendary singer Aretha Franklin, and before her funeral, PETA penned an open letter to Franklin’s niece asking the estate to consider donating her fur collection. That’s right, while the family was still grieving and before she had been laid to rest, PETA’s publicity scavengers sought to acquire the Queen of Soul’s extensive fur collection.

The Detroit Metro Times reports PETA wrote to Sabrina Garrett Owens, “just days before Franklin’s epic 8-hour Detroit funeral on Aug. 31, asking the estate to consider donating her collection.” PETA collects donated furs to send to refugee camps and homeless shelters. The program also converts the coats into bedding for orphaned wildlife cared for by rehabilitation and rescue facilities. The program offers to help donors “clean your closet and clear your conscience.”

Seriously? That PETA donates to homeless and refugees is a worthy cause, but asking Franklin’s estate for her trademark furs – such as the one she famously wore to the Kennedy Center Honors Ceremony in 2015 – so they might end up lining a stall at an animal rescue is just plain offensive.

In a press release (of course there was a press release!), PETA Executive President Tracy Reiman said, “While we can’t bring back the animals who suffered and died for them, these coats can help others by providing some much-needed warmth to orphaned animals and humans in desperate need.”

As yet, Franklin’s family has not responded to PETA’s request. 

Greg Henderson
Thu, 09/06/2018 – 14:09


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