Possible Second “Bomb Cyclone” To Move Across the Midwest This Week

Possible Second “Bomb Cyclone” To Move Across the Midwest This Week

After snow, ice, rain and flooding hammered farmers and ranchers in March, another round of late winter weather is on the way promising more snow, severe weather and flooding.

Accuweather is predicting a powerful storm system, a possible second “bomb cyclone” for the year, will target the central U.S. this week. It will disrupt travel and put farmers’ plans of spring field work on the back burner once again.

Strong winds in the Intermountain West will be the first impact on Tuesday, April 9. Gusts of 40 to 60 mph are expected from Nevada and the upper deserts of Southern California to northern Arizona and southern Utah. Wildfire risks are elevated into New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma.

Wildfire risks are elevated into New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma.

The system will bring rain and snow to the Rockies on Tuesday and Wednesday. Blizzard conditions will stretch into the North Central states on Wednesday and Thursday.

Wyoming, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota are in the path of the storm with some areas expected to receive more than a foot of snow, Dave Samuhel, senior meteorologist at Accuweather.com, told Reuters.

Dave Bowers, senior meteorologist with AccuWeather Inc., told the Omaha World-Herald the worst of this storm is expected to target some of the same areas most affected by last month’s storm, notably western and northern Nebraska.

It’s possible that the storm could drop close to 1’ to 2’ of snow along the Nebraska-South Dakota border and winds could reach 50 to 70 mph, he said. The combined water content of the rain and snow in northern Nebraska could translate into 3 to 5 inches of precipitation.

Flooding will be a concern, as many communities in Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri are still cleaning up the destruction of last month’s weather impacts.

Hazardous roadway conditions and power outages are possible but the majority of the snow will melt quickly in time for the weekend.

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Another severe winter storm will cause headaches for livestock producers across the Upper Midwest this week, as well as put a halt to spring planting.

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