Springer Values Hold Steady

Springer Values Hold Steady

The modest gains achieved in Holstein springing heifer prices by year end held on for another month. Springer values were steady to slightly up nationwide, though all markets reported low trading activity and light tests. University of Wisconsin dairy economists Bob Cropp and Mark Stephenson predict a guardedly optimistic outlook for milk prices through 2020, thanks to a strengthening world cheese market and little to no growth in U.S. herd size. While higher milk prices are good news for the industry, stagnant cow numbers may not bode well for heifer values through the year. Holstein heifer calf prices, meanwhile, remain dismally low, at less than $30 per head with little to no sales activity.



Springing Heifers

 Heifer Calves

Location (sale date)



90-120 pounds

Turlock, Calif. (1-24-20)



Stratford, Wis. (2-3-20)




Jerome, Idaho (1-21-20)



       No test

New Holland, Pa. (12-18-19)





Taylor Leach
Wed, 02/12/2020 – 10:15


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