Stay Safe Out There!

Stay Safe Out There!

With corn silage harvest now either in full swing or beginning in a week or two in the Northeast and Midwest, Pennsylvania State University engineers are urging farmers to practice safety first.

Although you may be familiar with your harvesting machines, it’s likely been a year since you’ve operated some of this equipment and it takes time for muscle and brain memory to kick back in.

“Most of all, remember that the key factor in mot corn harvesting incidents is the failure of the operator to shut down the machine before unclogging or servicing the equipment,” say the engineers. “Whenever you need to leave your equipment to service it, always do one very important thing before you do anything else: Turn if off!”

Also be aware of typical hazards: Weather, fatigue, other people around equipment and field hazards such as ditches and embankments. “A safe, efficient corn harvest in autumn and early winter depends a great deal upon the steps you take to prevent an accident,” they say.

Take a few minutes to download, print out and read the safety recommendations from Penn State listed here. Share it with your entire crew to ensure a safe harvest.

Jim Dickrell
Mon, 09/10/2018 – 09:47


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The first rule of machine safety: Turn the machine off to unclog or repair it.

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