The Imrestor® (pegbovigrastim injection) Effect: Success Stories on Dairies

The Imrestor® (pegbovigrastim injection) Effect: Success Stories on Dairies

Andy Meyer, Richland Dairy, LLC

Andy Meyer is a Minnesota dairy farmer and Elanco customer who has Imrestor Logoexperienced a healthier herd with the added benefit of time and money savings by using Imrestor® (pegbovigrastim injection), an innovative product from Elanco that is approved to reduce the incidence of clinical mastitis in the first 30 days of lactation in periparturient dairy cows and periparturient replacement dairy heifers.  Imrestor helps restore a cow’s immune system around the time of giving birth when she experiences immune suppression. Imrestor is a helping hand producers, like Andy, can use to help protect the dairy’s potential. We invite you to learn more about Andy, a fifth-generation dairy producer, and his personal experience with Imrestor. 


After graduating from South Central College in North Mankato with a business management degree in 2009, Andy returned home to his family’s farm in Kenyon, Minnesota to start an LLC with his father, Alan Meyer. Andy and his dad manage Holsteins and a few Jersey Holstein crosses while also farming corn, beans, hay, and cover crops on their property in South Central Minnesota. Andy’s wife is also involved with the operation, and she and Andy work together to ensure operational efficiency.


Andy and his family understand that efficient management and the health of their herd is crucial to the success of their business, as it allows them better control of their output and the bottom line.


Staying Ahead of Mastitis

Before using Imrestor, Andy and his father were frustrated with the realities of clinical mastitis – including lost production and extra resources dedicated to treating the condition. Since incorporating Imrestor into their operation, Andy has noticed a significant decrease in mastitis cases.


“We were dealing with fresh cows that were getting mastitis,” says Andy. “Trying to stay ahead of it was getting to be a challenge for us. The year prior to starting Imrestor, we averaged one toxic mastitis case per month. Now we are averaging only two cases for a full year since starting Imrestor.”


Realizing a Return on Investment

In addition to the decrease in mastitis cases, Andy says his healthier herd is positioned to perform better, delivering his operation a direct return on investment from Imrestor. He sees this as one example of innovation that has allowed his family’s dairy to improve herd health by reducing the risk of mastitis.

Imrestor is a technology that’s demonstrated the value of exploring new approaches in the ever-changing dairy industry. According to Andy, the innovative product has improved animal health, dairy management and milk production due to reducing the incidence of mastitis.


“Don’t be afraid to try different things,” says Andy. “If we did everything like our grandpa did, we would still be at lower production and poorer reproduction because management styles have changed.”


Less Worry, More Time

Imrestor has also delivered benefits that may not show up on the balance sheet, but offer the greatest return on investment. Because of Imrestor, Andy has spent less time treating cows. With only requiring two injections, Imrestor is easy to use and easy to implement within the herd. That combination gives Andy more time with his family. With three children under the age of two waiting at home, Andy is grateful for any extra time he can get back.


“Every minute matters,” says Andy. “Instead of having to spend time fixing a problem, we’re trying to get ahead of it before mastitis occurs, which for me means more quality time with my family.”


Now is the perfect time to try Imrestor for your herd. Now through the end of the year, Elanco is offering a limited-time offer for you to gain firsthand experience with the product.


Through the end of December 2017, you have the opportunity to buy one packsize of Imrestor and receive an additional packsize free of charge.  


For more information on the ‘buy one, get one’ offer (expires Dec. 31, 2017), please contact your veterinarian or animal health distributor. They can share more about the special offer and how Imrestor can help protect your whole herd as part of an ongoing herd health management program. You can also visit for more details.



Not for use in humans. Keep out of reach of children. In case of accidental self-injection, wash the site of injection thoroughly with clean running water. Foreign proteins such as pegbovigrastim have the potential to cause anaphylactic-type reactions. No withdrawal period or milk discard time is required when used according to the labeling. Do not use Imrestor to treat cows with clinical mastitis because effectiveness has not been demonstrated for this use. Some cases of hypersensitivity-type reactions have been observed in studies outside the United States within five minutes to two hours, occurring most often after the first administration of Imrestor. These reactions resolve within hours of onset with or without therapeutic intervention and have not been shown to reoccur with subsequent injections of Imrestor. For product label, including complete safety and use information, click here.


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