Top 10 Dairy Reproduction Articles of 2019

Top 10 Dairy Reproduction Articles of 2019

Here we count down the top 10 reproduction articles that made dairy headlines in 2019:

10. Body Condition Score Changes Affect Pregnancy Rates

Over the past two decades, a reproduction revolution has occurred in the dairy industry. The development of fertility programs and their adoption by the dairy industry over the past decade has largely driven this reproduction revolution. 

Yet reproductive performance can vary dramatically among herds that use the exact same fertility programs.

9. Genomics Provides Clues To Improving Fertility

Over the last 50 years, average milk yield per lactation has increased while fertility has decreased. The reason for the decline has long been thought to be related to selection for milk production. By selecting for high milk production, we were selecting against fertility.

8. High Accuracy Heat Detection

Heat detection errors severely limit reproductive performance on many dairies. Ovulation is tied to the onset of heat; therefore, there is limited opportunity to maximize conception to AI. Consequently, a successful AI program must include accurate heat detection and timely AI relative to ovulation.

7. Have You Done A Genetic Herd Audit?

If you have never done a genetic audit on your herd, you’re missing an important opportunity to evaluate the genetic level of your herd—and the diversity of genetic expression within your herd.

More importantly, in a commodity-driven business like dairy, a genetic audit will give you an idea of whether you are keeping pace.

6. Better Understanding the Mystery of Metritis

Affecting even the healthiest cow on the farm, metritis, a metabolic and infectious disease experienced in transition animals, is a common illness that can have negative impacts on milk production and future pregnancy rates.

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