Top 5 Calf Care Tips For Spring

Top 5 Calf Care Tips For Spring

With spring flush comes an influx of spring calves. That combined with volatile weather can make calf rearing a challenge. Here are five things you can do to gives your calves the best start possible.

Feed high quality colostrum.  When it comes to feeding colostrum, timing is everything. While the timing of feeding newborn calves is significant, timing of colostrum harvest is also critical. Check out this storyfor several tips on a quality colostrum protocol.
Develop a good vaccinating program. Consider how vaccines and colostrum interact and craft your plan accordingly. There’s more information on that, here.
Stick to protocols. Particularly when it comes to drug use with calves, having SOPs in place is crucial to a successful calf health program. Learn how this can make all drug use more effective, here.
Prevent scours. There’s no need to explain how crucial this is. Read this storyto learn more about scour prevention. 
Watch lungs closely.We’re in pneumonia season. Don’t forget to watch calves closely to ensure treatment protocols are employed in a timely fashion. Learn more about what to watch for, here.  

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A new series of resources is available to provide training in calf management including; newborn calf care, colostrum management, animal handling, automatic calf feeder management and hygiene and sanitation.
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