What You Need to Know About National Cheese Pizza Day

What You Need to Know About National Cheese Pizza Day

With 350 slices of pizza eaten every second in the U.S., it’s clearly appropriate to dedicate a national holiday to one of America’s favorite foods: cheese pizza.

Taking place September 5, dairy farmers might notice a spike in cheese sales as consumers celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day. Consumption of pizza has increased America’s consumption of cheese by more than 40% since 1995, according to Eat This, Not That!

Here are some other interesting facts you should know to help you celebrate today’s holiday, according to Pizza.com.

Pizza accounts for more than 10 of all food service sales.
Each person in America eats about 46 pizza slices a year.
More than 5 billion pizzas are sold worldwide each year with 3 billion sales coming from the U.S.
The top five pizza sale days are: Super Bowl Sunday, New Year’s Eve, Halloween, the night before Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.
The longest pizza delivery was from Cape Town, South Africa to Sydney, Australia.
In honor of today, people are sharing some of their “cheesy” photos on social media using the hashtag #NationalCheesePizzaDay. Take a look!

While it may not be cheese pizza (yet), Kari Steele shares, “If you eat all the pepperoni first…it becomes cheese pizza.”

If you eat all the pepperoni first…it becomes cheese pizza ??? #NationalCheesePizzaDay pic.twitter.com/HwzsTcpzLj
— Kari Steele (@KariVanHorn) September 5, 2018
These New York City police officers provide two examples on how to eat cheese pizza: folded and unfolded.

It’s #NationalCheesePizzaDay and it’s time to answer an age-old question. Of course we all know New York pizza is the best, but we are torn on the right way to eat it. Let’s settle this once and for all:
LIKE for folded,
RT for unfolded. pic.twitter.com/1C674UxOoe
— NYPD NEWS (@NYPDnews) September 5, 2018
Even Barbie is joining in on the National Cheese Pizza Day fun!

“My pizza has too much cheese on it.” – Said no #Barbie ever.
Who’s excited for #NationalCheesePizzaDay? ? pic.twitter.com/QNNg6Q61sX
— Barbie (@Barbie) September 5, 2018
If you can’t enjoy cheese pizza today, at least you can smell like you did. Check out this pizza perfume!

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September 5 is National Cheese Pizza Day. Here are some facts to help you celebrate.

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