Wisconsin Processor Expands Whey Powder Production Facility

Wisconsin Processor Expands Whey Powder Production Facility

A Wisconsin dairy processing plant specializing in sweet whey powder is expanding its facilities resulting in a 40% increase in production.

Milk Specialties Global, a dairy ingredients company specializing in both animal and human nutrition, has started an expansion at the company’s Fond du Lac, Wisconsin facility. The plant expansion is slated to be complete by the end of 2018 and will result in an additional 22 million lb. in sweet whey powder production.

According to Milk Specialties Global, “The expansion comes after an increase in demand for sweet whey powder, a dried whey derived from the manufacturing process of cheese (such as cheddar and Swiss) that has been pasteurized and has no added preservatives.”

Sweet whey powder is also used as an ingredient in bakery, confectionary, snacks, and other food applications. It is known for being a good source of protein, lactose and milk minerals.

The expansion of the Fond du Lac will also support the company’s calf milk replacer business, along with a growing U.S. and internationally-based customers in the food and feed nutrition markets.

“We knew the opportunity to process more sweet whey powder would greatly benefit our suppliers and customers by allowing us to better support their business growth” says Tom Benson, Milk Specialties Global executive vice president.

Milk Specialties Global has 10 processing facilities located in California, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska and Wisconsin. The company is headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. 

For more about Milk Specialties Global visit www.milkspecialties.com.

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Milk Specialties Global plans to expand its Fond du Lac, Wisconsin facility, resulting in an increase of 22 million lb. in sweet whey powder production.

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